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Everything you always wanted to know about Videoping but were afraid to ask is here. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, you still can email me (Contact).

Q: What codecs do you use for the videos ?
A: DivX 3.11 (a few years ago) and DivX 5.0 (now) for the video stream, mp3 for the audio stream.

Q: I can't play the videos on my computer.
A: You have to verify that :
- your computer is fast enough ... a 300Mhz CPU is a minimum.
- you've got the DivX codec installed (you can find it here : www.divx.com). NB : The most recent videos of the site are encoded using DivX 5.0.

Q: Where do these videos come from ?
A: From the TV. Some channels (ITTF TV partners) broadcast table tennis events from time to time. I make videos from the ones I'm able to tape.

Q: Could you update the site with new videos more often ?
A: Nope. I don't have the channels that broadcast table tennis, nor a video capture card. And most of all I don't have much free time ... I would like to update the site more often but it's not possible.

Q: Could you at least put longer videos ?
A: A simple calculation will show you the problem : a one minute video is about 8 MB large and this website can contain no more than 100 MB, ie 12mn30s of video at most ...

Q: Do you have full games you could send me ?
A: No I don't, and even if I did I would not do that kind of stuff anyway ... If you desperately need full games, you should consider buying table tennis tapes, Videoping is free but some people make a living from merchandising.

Q: I can't download the videos.
A: It probably comes from an incompatibility of the code with your browser. Please report that kind of problem by email so that I can fix it (Contact).